Making Dreams Come True

“I remember the moment I said yes to my husband’s proposal—that feeling of commitment, the excitement of wanting to share our news, but also the fear and uncertainty of how our lives would change. And of course, there was the stress of planning a wedding that we wanted desperately to be perfect! I am so often reminded of these emotions during my first meeting with a new client. If you’re feeling the joy, the nerves, and the pressure of perfection—I’ve been there, and I’ll see you through each step of the planning process along the way. My job is to alleviate your stress and worry and make your wedding day vision a reality so that you can focus on your beautiful future.”  

~ Anastasiia Kogan


Atlanta-based wedding planner Anastasiia Kogan spent most of her life in Europe where, at a young age, her natural inclination toward event planning led her to an early career as a travel agent specializing in planning once-in-a-lifetime honeymoons. She soon realized that the honeymoon was only a small part of the wedding-related stress her clients were feeling and that the larger the event, the greater her clients’ satisfaction, and relief when they put their trust in her. With a desire to do more for her clients, Anastasiia decided to fully leverage her talents for logistical execution, design, and detail management to offer complete wedding and event planning and design services. 


Anastasiia and her husband lived an ocean apart for several years before she gave her home country up for love, and moved to Atlanta. While Anastasiia enjoyed partnering with other Atlanta wedding planners, her desire to fully commit herself to each of her clients and establish her signature brand of boho-chic, naturally inspired, and tastefully authentic weddings motivated her to found Kogan Events. This decision also allows her to specialize in all of life's special event celebrations, from weddings to baby showers, to bridal showers, and every monumental moment in between.


Anastasiia’s world travels; appreciation for a wide variety of cultures, religions, and customs; and ability to speak English, French, Russian, and Polish provide her with an unparalleled ability to service a widely diverse population of clients who are looking for a wedding planner that can offer a unique combination of local southern charm and European experience and perspective.


Today, Anastasiia expertly coordinates all aspects of her clients’ events—whether Atlanta-based or destination—including initial theme conceptualization, event coordination, event design and styling, venue and vendor management, catering, floral design assistance, on-site logistics, as well as her original passion: honeymoon planning. She also maintains valued relationships with clients and vendors in Europe and continues to plan events remotely, proving that for a quality, professional wedding planner, geographic distance is never an obstacle.


When not immersed in client service, Anastasiia volunteers her time at several local animal shelters in Atlanta to fulfill her other passion: animal rescue.


“I believe that a wedding is more than an event. It is a celebration of love, faith, and a future of limitless possibilities. I believe that no detail is too small and that your wedding should be a perfect reflection of everything that makes your love unique. I believe in fully dedicating myself to my clients—both in the months before the wedding and exclusively on their special day. I believe in meticulous planning, flawless organization, and backup plans that have backup plans. Most importantly—love. I believe in love. It would be a pleasure to help you plan the most important day of your life. I look forward to working with you.” ~ Anastasiia Kogan



Anastasiia Kogan
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